Rio Olympics 2016 & India : cartoon Tota-Myna


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Riddles today — GST

Parrot 3

Tota: GST is being passed ! A great Reform since 1991 !                Myna1
Myna: Since 1950, actually?
Tota: Why 1950?
Myna: Because the states which had agreed on a constitution to form India will lose
some of their autonomy and independence.
Tota: Why do you say that?
Myna: I don`t say it. See for yourself … GST is a Constitutional amendment, requiring
2/3 votes in Parliament, no? It is not just another law.
Tota: Hm … But a consensus has been reached !
Myna: This consensus was always there. The long haggling was only to take political
Tota: OK. But it will benefit the nation, no?
Myna: It will benefit the seths, sure, but not the people.
Tota: Why do you say that? Isn`t unifying the taxes and also the tax rates across the
different states a good idea?
Myna: It probably is …
Tota: And scores of different check points for different taxes at the inter-state borders
will be removed. Less delays, less corruption … Isn`t it for the good?
Myna: It probably is …
Tota: And won`t the avoidance of double/triple taxation from the successive stages of
production — to wholesale – to retail sale reduce the total tax for the consumer?
Myna: For those who keep “number ek” accounts it certainly will. For the “number do”
walas …
Tota: OK, OK … But won`t the buying public pay less now?
Myna: No.
Tota: Why not?
Myna: Because the seths, at each stage, will not reduce the prices to pass on the tax
Tota: ?
Myna: Yes. Prices are high not only due to high taxes but also due to high profits. No?
Tota: Oh … So what will be achieved by GST?
Myna: Govt`s tax revenues will decrease; seth`s profits will increase; people will suffer
as usual.
Tota: Hm … But at least the potential will be created to pass on the benefit to the
people… No?
Myna: Yes. And many such potentials were created since 1947. They have remained …
well … potential.
Tota: ?
Myna: No?

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