Mumbai Terror 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack 2008- Clues for Investigation and Understanding

It`s Scale and Signature

It was not the familiar Pakistan-centric terror , either Jihadi or the hindutva variety.

The targets chosen-

Taj Hotel

Oberoi Hotel

CST Rail Terminus

Israeli Chabad House

indicate that the scale was large, splash expected was global, propaganda impact potential was of iconic proportions, the preparatory training, eqipment, financing, and planning was of “special operations” type undertaken by military forces, and the signature was not merely “communal” but “statist”. It was global premier league stuff.

It`s Originating Cause

Why has such a global-scale terror come now? After all ,India`s hands were more than full with the “regional” scale terror so as to satisfy its regional illwishers.What new provocation has India caused ?

The new factor has been India`s explicit acceptance of the strategic embrace of USA clinched by the Indo-US Nuclear deal, after the courtship started by India`s PM`s( Bajpayee) US visit in 2000.Now India is seen as a part of US-Israel-India axis, despite the window dressing of diversionary diplomatic initiatives showcased by India. Now enemies of US, and Israel have been added to the enemies of India. Mumbai 2008 attack is the opening of a long new era of vulnerability for India.

Who Benefits?

Firstly, the existing communal forces clustering around India- jihadi and hindutva streams, each actually fortifying and justifying each other in a classical vicious cycle.

Secondly, pro- and anti- India military establishments. They will gain more importance, budgets, awards, political patronage, and social acclaim.

Thirdly, USA. Now India`s ruling political class will find it easier to go deeper into USA`s strategic bearhug.

Who Loses?

Firstly, the long-delayed exposure of the disguised atrocities being done by hindutva terror agencies- initiated through Maharashtra`s ATS. Now Maharashtra`s and other states` ATS may lose steam and political green signals recently given.

Secondly, secular forces in India- which are actually representing a huge majority but it is dispersed and unarticulated.

Thirdly, democratic and people-centric economic development in India , already sidelined by corporate-centric market- fundamentalism since 1991, will be further pushed down the political agenda.

Finally, ordinary Indians. More will now die in more gory attacks.


About ctaposh

Cartoonist, poet, social activist, development banker, documentary filmmaker, reader of books and realities, ponderer of questions milling around.
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2 Responses to Mumbai Terror 2008

  1. jasp says:

    I don’t think it can be that Diana … there’s a lot of hard eveidence, and a live terrorist in hand, to show that it is indeed the work of the LeT.

    Thank you Taposh. A very well written, balanced and thought provoking article, shorn of all sentimentality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I shudder to even believe could be true, is that this macabre event could have been masterminded on Indian soil by Indian minds who saw the spotlight on them becoming too strong and have in one shot got rid of their main foes and also turned the attention of the nation away from Malegaon…
    Hope this is never proved true…it would be the vilest crime, perfidy… 😦
    Will all the hue and cry last?? Like someone said, this is all typical of all the symptoms that we go through when someone dies-Shock, anger,refusal to accept, finger-point, grief, stoicism,acceptance and then finally forget.

    Diana Charles

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