Poetry of the day

Newer Delhi

In the early hours of morning,

perhaps returning on a nightlong drive

from a visit you decide was futile,

you see above the undisturbed mists,

revealed like a coded vision ,

the artful tops of tall buildings

clustered like giant toadstools

on some science fiction planet .

They do say it`s a happening place ;

although just a bit beyond

at the edges where PWD yards halt

are the ancient scrub and woods ,still

home to jackals,scorpions,peacocks.

The housing and landscaping

is the latest ;

the schools with tinted glass,

international .

Imported yellow schoolbuses in hordes,

designed for still wider roads , turn

awkwardly around hedged layouts, lives.

Flags flutter

over industrial grade fencing ,

guarding childhoods

like risky investments .

I am glad

I won`t be around

to see the future .


About ctaposh

Cartoonist, poet, social activist, development banker, documentary filmmaker, reader of books and realities, ponderer of questions milling around.
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3 Responses to Poetry of the day

  1. Kanwar Yogendra says:

    Sir, super ! but you ‘ll be there to suffer all this in the future too…

  2. taposh says:

    I shudder to think of the kind of youth that will come from this. There are youths and youths…

  3. pooja says:

    Is the future so dismal…….will not a guarded childhood be the responsible youth of tomorrow?

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