Poetry of the day

Up Against

First I hear his growling.

Turning , I see him in the dark

shadows of some municipal tree,

standing upright in his winter rags ;

this derelict with defiant eyes

hurling rebuke at the sky, the city,

the total bigness of life –

doing what I ought to , really.

Exulting, I go and stand next

to him, facing the cold night,

almost shake my fists, rebelling.

Till he turns to me, not giving

an inch, shouting insults at me

as if I remain part of it all –

what he is up against.

Not surprised , I nod ,

walk away .


About ctaposh

Cartoonist, poet, social activist, development banker, documentary filmmaker, reader of books and realities, ponderer of questions milling around.
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One Response to Poetry of the day

  1. Pooja says:

    Put forth really well, as usual……….but so much antagonism?

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