Poetry of the day


Trouble is , very few have

truly believed

over the centuries ;

mostly it has been : “maybe”

or “might as well”.

It can`t be otherwise of course ,

the way life is .

But default positions , accumulated ,

find inevitable roots ,

swell up into practical power .

And this has blanketed all

unnamed yearnings

and ungrasped meanings ,

subverted poetry , music , and such ;

impoverished each day`s newness

and possibilities ,

over the centuries .

Poets , songsters , even scientists

have succumbed ,

turned saints .

What do I do ?

as I traverse each day

with my own paltry contrivances ,

unsupported by help from history ;

except fill up with this

enormous rage ,

and outrage .

About taposh

Novelist, cartoonist, poet, social activist, development banker, documentary filmmaker, blogger, reader of books and realities, ponderer of questions milling around. Still curious, somehow.
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