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It is not well recognized that crime fiction is a modern thing. It started with modernity. With things like urbanities, municipalities, trams and cars, flats, apartments, telephones, houses with numbers, not names, fingerprints and scientific policing, and so on. An particularist adjunct of impersonal capitalism ! Reason and reasoning is the bedrock of crime solving and crime fiction, a welcome escape from strangulation of feudal times.
OK. So that is why Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie remain ageless.
Old readers of this blog will recall this blog` s connection with crime fiction. The last post was “ Murdering Literature ” –
I always wanted to write at least two novels of crime fiction.
Well, one is published and out, as ebook and paperback :



And so I have promptly started writing the second novel too.
Watch this blogspace.

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Novelist, cartoonist, poet, social activist, development banker, documentary filmmaker, blogger, reader of books and realities, ponderer of questions milling around. Still curious, somehow.
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2 Responses to More on Crime Fiction

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome, Kalpana

  2. Kalpana says:

    I’m happy to have found your blog. Have followed it as I think it’s going to give much food for thought.

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