Trump, Obama, Bush, … USA : Cartoon Tota-Myna


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Tata- Mistry Chemistry : Cartoon Tota-Myna


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War and Truth : Graffiti Wall


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Monsanto, Bayer, Democracy : Cartoon Tota-Myna


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Mahim bay, early morning


The long breeze pushes and moves past
me unceasingly at the window
as if it would take away all
my baggage of loss and hurt if it could.
Serene and blue and green
the low tide vastly calm for now
says ceasing can be okay too:
you can drop your lifelong fretting.
Two seagulls slowly glide past, astonishing
with their sparkling white wings flapping,
hinting that there will always be meanings
not understood but only glimpsed.
Clusters of fishing boats stilled and aligned
like an occult mirror image
of the oncoming shoals of fish.
And the morning sunlight,
shy as if returning unannounced,
enormously open, as the final backdrop
of found things – like birth, death,
hunger, voyages, memories –
upon which everything comes to pass.

Imagination? Most probably.

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Rio Olympics 2016 & India : cartoon Tota-Myna


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Riddles today — GST

Parrot 3

Tota: GST is being passed ! A great Reform since 1991 !                Myna1
Myna: Since 1950, actually?
Tota: Why 1950?
Myna: Because the states which had agreed on a constitution to form India will lose
some of their autonomy and independence.
Tota: Why do you say that?
Myna: I don`t say it. See for yourself … GST is a Constitutional amendment, requiring
2/3 votes in Parliament, no? It is not just another law.
Tota: Hm … But a consensus has been reached !
Myna: This consensus was always there. The long haggling was only to take political
Tota: OK. But it will benefit the nation, no?
Myna: It will benefit the seths, sure, but not the people.
Tota: Why do you say that? Isn`t unifying the taxes and also the tax rates across the
different states a good idea?
Myna: It probably is …
Tota: And scores of different check points for different taxes at the inter-state borders
will be removed. Less delays, less corruption … Isn`t it for the good?
Myna: It probably is …
Tota: And won`t the avoidance of double/triple taxation from the successive stages of
production — to wholesale – to retail sale reduce the total tax for the consumer?
Myna: For those who keep “number ek” accounts it certainly will. For the “number do”
walas …
Tota: OK, OK … But won`t the buying public pay less now?
Myna: No.
Tota: Why not?
Myna: Because the seths, at each stage, will not reduce the prices to pass on the tax
Tota: ?
Myna: Yes. Prices are high not only due to high taxes but also due to high profits. No?
Tota: Oh … So what will be achieved by GST?
Myna: Govt`s tax revenues will decrease; seth`s profits will increase; people will suffer
as usual.
Tota: Hm … But at least the potential will be created to pass on the benefit to the
people… No?
Myna: Yes. And many such potentials were created since 1947. They have remained …
well … potential.
Tota: ?
Myna: No?

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